Our mission is to treat our clients with special attention and to be accessible to them. Our aim is to provide personalized legal services to all of our clients. This means that you will have the opportunity to speak directly with us.  We will provide you with a confidential consultation to determine whether we can provide assistance to you.  You will find that this type of assistance is not available from a large law firm.  Our ultimate mission is to be your permanent legal home.

Lora Lenzsch has been licensed to practice law in Texas since 1987.  Lora’s practice focuses on personal injury, consumer law, and preparation of will packages, criminal defense, draft and review contracts, deeds, and easements preparation.  Lora’s diverse legal background helps her to advise and guide clients through the legal process.  She is an aggressive an effective advocate, providing innovative and quality representation for her clients.  Lora is always accessible for an initial consultation.  Lora is an active volunteer within the Katy community.  She has been married to her husband for 30 years and they have five Katy Texan kids.

Carlette White has been licensed to practice law in Texas since 1989.  Carlette’s practice focuses on personal injury, consumer law, preparation of will packages, and landlord/tenant disputes. She is a former insurance defense attorney who switched sides and now represents plaintiffs against insurance companies.  Carlette’s knowledge of the insurance company’s strategies allows her to maintain a strong edge in her representation of her clients in personal injury cases.  Carlette is always accessible for an initial consultation to provide an assessment of your case.  Carlette is also a devoted mother of a Katy graduate , and a dedicated to public servant through volunteering in the community.

Carlette and Lora are available for speaking engagements, free of charge, to educate your organization on legal topics such as: the importance of having a Last Will and Testament other essential documents; legal documents you need for when your college age student; what you should do if you are involved in an accident; Municipal Courts and small claims court procedures; and Landlord-Tenant disputes.  Please contact us to discuss what legal topic your organization would like for us to address.